Happy new year!

December 31, 2013

Here's a short video of me, showing my New Year's Eve outfit. I'm not used to posing for videos so it might seem a bit clumsy, but hey, practice makes perfect! :) I hope you're all having a nice time, patiently waiting for the new year to arrive. I've made my New Year resolutions and I can't wait to see if I can fulfil them. Happy new year, fashionista's! :) xxx Nausikaä

Tu m'as manqué?

December 28, 2013

It's been a while since I last posted an outfit post, but here it is then! I am wearing the dress I got from my aunt and I absolutely love it, especially the collar. Yes, I'm a sucker for collars, haha :) It's so strange to wear a dress without a jacket in winter, but it's 15 degrees, so why not?

I want to thank all of you for supporting me through this year and I hope I can continue my blog next year. Thanks to my followers as you keep me going and give me a reason to blog. :)
I hope you all had a nice Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2014! 
xxx Nausikaä

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day together with the most important people in your life, your family. I always love to watch a Disney movie and eat some cake or yummy desserts. I celebrated Christmas Eve with my grandparents yesterday and it was so lovely, giving each other the gifts that we bought. Enjoy your day and have a merry Christmas! 
xxx Nausikaä

Almost is never enough

December 19, 2013

(knit: C&A; trousers: Vero Moda; heels and rings: H&M; beanie: souvenir shop in Paris; lipstick: HEMA)

It's been quite a while since my last outfit post, but here it is then! My amazing mum took the pictures and even though it was already getting dark, the pics ended up quite good. I absolutely love the colour of the knit, it's so Christmassy and it's so warm and cosy! I'm also wearing my new mid-rings from H&M and they look really cool and chic even though they were quite cheap. I am currently loving this outfit for winter time. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

All I want for Christmas is...

December 14, 2013

You probably noticed that I decorated my blog a bit for Christmas as that is the most beautiful time of the year. And yes, I love drinking hot chocolate, watching the snowflakes fall and reading never ending books covered by my cute teddy bear blanket. There's only one thing that bothers me. I haven't got a Christmas tree in my bedroom, not even a small one. I need to hurry up and get me one. Shame on me..
I hope you'll enjoy the lovely pictures I found on Weheartit and fingers crossed for a white Christmas! Have a lovely evening. Nausikaä ♡

Birthday wishes

December 8, 2013

I have finally turned 17 today! It sounds weird to me because I don't feel 17, something in my head is still saying 'I don't want to grow up'. My mum and dad bought me a cute wooden quote 'thingy' (I don't really know what it's called, I would say 'painting' but that's not the word, blimey) and two Elle's (The Dutch version and the Flemish one). They also ordered a bordeaux skirt from SheInside but it has not arrived yet. I will show you the skirt in an outfit post as soon as it's arrived. :) My brother made a drawing of me but he didn't want me to show it because he thought it looked awful. Well here it is though, I'm proud of you, bro ;). My mum made some delicious cake for me, it really tastes amazing! Have a nice day!

Liberty walk

December 6, 2013

Only two more weeks till the winter holidays arrive! I’m already quite excited to celebrate Christmas, sounds weird but I love the decorations in the streets when you do some Christmas shopping and the green, sparkly Christmas tree brings a positive vibe in the house. I honestly think it’s the best time of the year, let’s hope we’ll get a white Christmas, because  that would be truly amazing.
Something about the outfit I’m wearing. The winter jacket is from Esprit and it’s super cozy and so warm. The dress is from H&M, my boots are Dr. Martens and the bag is the cute one with star printed fabric on the inside that I got from Zalando*. Have a nice day! xxx Nausikaä

Washi tape

December 2, 2013


I am currently loving Washi tape, I don't even know why because 'tape' such a random object to love. There are endless possibilities to decorate items with the tape. If you buy enough tape, you can decorate your wall (bad joke, I know). I used it to decorate my photo frame and a little notebook but you can also use it to give your Christmas presents that extra cute touch, give your phone a new colour, decorate vases, make cute little flags with them,... Washi tape costs about €3 for 15m and you can find it in stores as Hema, craft stores or just the local supermarket. Have a lovely evening!

Closed doors

November 27, 2013

Finally, another outfit post! Sorry you had to wait so long, but I had no time to take pictures because it's usually dark when I come home from school. My mum wanted to take pictures of me, so thanks mum! She always loves trying out new stuff with my camera, so that's why almost all the pictures were taken a bit slantwise. Gotta love her though :)
I am wearing my grandma's blouse, black trousers from Jbc, my beanie from Paris and my all time favorite Dr. Martens. Have a nice day!

We'll be counting stars

November 20, 2013

Here it is! The outfit post where you can see me wearing the items I got from Zalando. It was freezing cold outside so that’s why I got goosebumps on every picture. Thank god my brother still wanted to take pictures of my outfit in this cold, unpleasant weather.
The dress is so lovely to wear and I absolutely love the dip-dye/ombre effect and the length of the dress (it really makes your legs look longer).
The bag is just big enough for me and the inside is, as I said before, the cutest with the star printed fabric.

Zalando collaboration - the items

November 19, 2013

(bag: Even&Odd* - €19.95; dress: Evil Twin* - €94,95 €29,95)

There's probably a lot of bloggers who are having these annoying it's-already-dark-when-you're-coming-home-from-school moments who make it almost impossible to take pictures for an outfit post. Such a shame as I was planning to show you the dress and the bag I got from Zalando*. They contacted me a few weeks ago for a collaboration and they were wondering if I was interested. Well why not? I was given a voucher of €50 and these are the items that I chose to buy. You don't have to pay any shipping costs, which is an advantage. :) I bought a cute fake-leather bag from Even&Odd and a see-through dip-dye dress from Evil Twin. The inside of the bag is so cute with the star-printed fabric. I can't wait to show you the items in an outfit post tomorrow, so stay updated!

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

November 17, 2013

A few days ago, my mum returned from her holiday in Gran Canaria and she brought me this lovely perfume. It had always been n°1 on my wishlist because it smells so sweet and the scent is no too overwhelming. I honestly can't wait to use it more often! What's your favorite perfume?

Open your eyes

November 16, 2013

I don't know why my camera won't take good quality pictures, maybe because there's something wrong with the lens? Anyways, you can see what I'm wearing. The leather skirt is one of my favorite items this fall, it suits almost everything. The top is from Italy, I bought it a few years ago but never actually wore it although it's pretty cool. The watch is my grandpa's (that's what my mum told me) and I totally adore it, it's so cute with the little moon in the middle, it's a shame it doesn't work anymore... Have a nice day!


November 14, 2013

(source: Tumblr)

I don't know why I always post inspiration with 'white' as the main theme, but I guess it's because it relaxes me. It's fresh and clean, I can sit behind my computer and watch such pictures a whole day long, haha. I fell in love with the simple design of the rings in the second picture. The sequin shorts are super cute, not that I would wear them, but they're risky and cool. Have a nice evening. xxx Nausikaä

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