StyleSteal | Ariana Grande + Award

September 3, 2014

I decided to start a new series called StyleSteal where I will be showing you cheaper alternatives to outfits that a famous person (e.g. and actress, singer,...) wore. I wanted to start of with a singer who I really love and who has a lovely style, namely Ariana Grande. I love the way she wears cute, vintage dresses/one pieces with flowery patterns, she usually wears a pair of high heels underneath them to finish the feminine look. As her style icon is Audrey Hepburn, you'll find her most likely wearing vintage outfits. I absolutely love her style as it's quite flirty, cute and feminine.
The other think I wanted to ask you is to vote for my blog for the Zalando Blogger Awards. You just have to click the green box next to this post, enter the url of my blog and your email address and you might just win €500 by voting for me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! xxx Nausikaä

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  1. Ah, mooi! vooral de rechtercombinatie vind ik heel mooi. :) x


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