The Valentine's Day Wishlist

February 12, 2016

I've never had a Valentine (It's okay, I don't mind), but I think that the concept of Valentine's day is really cute. Some people may say that it's overrated or stupid, but I like it. With that being said, I've introduced you to my Valentine's Day wishlist. I created a super cute and cozy yet classy outfit to wear on this special day or just any day of the year if you're up for it.

You could either wear something cozy, like the cardigan with a simple but pretty dress from Esprit if you're planning on staying home on Valentine's day and surprise your loved one with a nice dinner (or the other way around). Of course you could also wear this to a restaurant. You could either pair the outfit with some comfy Doc Martens or dress it up with heels. The other outfit is a bit more fancy but so classy at the same time. A pretty two-piece from Topshop with a gorgeous bag and faux suede heels. Plus, the handbag from Matt & Nat and the heels are vegan-friendly!

· Valentine's Day Look One ·
Cardigan & Dress - Esprit
Shoes - Doc Martens
Lipstick - Topshop
· Valentine's Day Look Two ·
 Lace Bra & Two Piece - Topshop
Heels - Esprit
Bag - Matt & Nat 

I also featured a gorgeous lace bra in the wishlist just because it reminds me of Valentine and let's be honest; a lace bra always looks beautiful, right? If we're talking bras, I feel like I should mention my favorite Valentine's look as well. I love a red lip with a nude-ish smokey eye and eye liner. If there's one thing I'm horrible at, it's probably applying eye liner. So, if you're like me and you're not a pro at fancy make-up, just skip this step and apply mascara. Contouring is an option, but since I'm not very good at that either, I usually just apply some bronzer and that's about it!

How would you describe your perfect Valentine's Day look and would you choose a fancy dinner over a cozy night home or the other way around? I would love to know! :)

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