May 17, 2017

The number of times I've been wanting to write a post like this one is pretty much countless. But, body confidence and accepting your body is so important yet so threatened by media and bodily disorders. You'll most likely recognize the words 'goals', written underneath some fitness guru's Instagram post, showing off his or her abs to possibly motivate you to start working out or get a gym membership. However, I'm hoping they're well aware of the possibility to trigger eating disorders and making people believe it's possible to have the exact same body by following their workout plans. 

Every body is different and therefore, every person will look different following the same diet and workout plan. Getting fit is not a goal, it's simply a lifestyle change one should only make if done for their wellbeing. Don't go to the gym to get skinny and don't do diets, they don't work. If you'd rather go on walks a couple times every week, then skip the gymming and do whatever feels good. As long as you're moving your body you'll be lengthening your life. I personally find it incredibly fun to come up with new workouts, both at home and in the gym, as a way to relax yet challenge myself. I've always set challenges because it's just me. 

It makes me sad, knowing many girls and boys are ashamed of their bodies because they're not according to society's norms. Stretch marks, birthmarks, scars etcetera, they're all perfectly normal and they make you who you are. I used to be ashamed of my birthmarks, heck, I was even planning on removing them only a couple months ago. Thinking people might find them ugly and weird when in fact, they're part of me and I was born with them. Treat your body with a little more love and a lot less hate. Accept whatever you don't like about yourself and focus on how you feel. Don't force yourself to workout when you don't want to. Don't strive for happiness, but build your life around the things and people that make you feel happy.

One of the things I did to make me feel better was donating the clothing I didn't like or didn't make me feel confident enough. I also unfollowed and unsubscribed to accounts on social media which made me think I wasn't good enough when in fact, you're always good enough and you should be proud of the person you are today. Fiercely step into the future and build a world you love. 

I want you to remember this message: your thighs are allowed to touch, it's perfectly fine to unzip your pants after a satisfying meal, not every piece of clothing isn't going to fit your body shape and your body is YOUR body. Don't get yourself down because you're not perfect, there is no such thing as perfection. Just do you.

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