November 25, 2017

When I think of oatmeal, I picture something really easy and super quick to put together in the morning, ready to fuel you for the rest of your day. I have noticed, however, that very often people are reluctant to the idea of having oats for breakfast every morning. Even worse, they hate the idea of oats or porridge altogether! As a thorough oatmeal addict, I just had to share my favorite recipe with you in order to clear up the misunderstanding. If you have a microwave, an open mind and three minutes time, then let's get cooking/microwaving! PS: I have included photos of different combinations, in case you needed even more inspiration to get your oatmeal-journey started.


50g of oats (rolled ones cook faster, but choose whatever tickles your fancy) // 1 cup plant milk (I prefer almond or oat milk) // 1tsp cinnamon // 1tbsp raisins // 5 almonds // 1tbsp nut butter (peanut/almond/...) // 1tsp ground flaxseeds // sprinkle of pumpkin seeds // 1 persimmon or an apple (again, whatever you fancy)


Add the oats to a microwaveable bowl and mix in the cinnamon and raisins, then pour your preferred plant milk into the mixture. Microwave the oats for 1 minute (I always do this on 900W), stir, then heat for another minute.

While your oats are cooking, you can slice the persimmon and cut the almonds into smaller pieces. Once the oats have been thoroughly cooked and they're feeling all warm and cozy, you can start to assemble your porridge. This is optional, but if you fancy 'runnier' oats, add in more plant milk.

Add the almonds, the peanut butter, pumpkin- and flaxseeds (these both contain necessary Omega 3 fatty acids) and lastly, your tasty persimmon. And that's it! Once you get used to this process, it takes only three minutes to assemble your own delicious oatmeal on gloomy, rainy mornings. Happy breakf(e)asting!


November 20, 2017

I think I just managed to squeeze two countries into one post title and I'm rather proud of myself for doing so. I might also be even more proud to be working with Photowall on this lovely article. They contacted me quite a while ago, asking whether or not I would be interesting in featuring a canvas or wall mural on my blog (yes, they also do murals, how cool is that?). If you know me or sneakily follow me on Instagram, you might be aware of my love for anything canvas-related. Paintings, photos by others and now, a canvas with my very own photo (which was taken in Italy, hence the title)!

The moment I received the canvas print I got extremely excited to have this piece up on my wall. However, if you're not as much into photography as I am, but you'd like a little something on your wall, you can check out their designer-made canvasses. I was about to go for a galaxy print, but my own framed photo would be a little more original (and exciting). This stunning quality print came with a diy-frame which took me a second to figure out and another second to put together, but I'm so pleased to see it in my bedroom. You could totally gift a canvas to a friend, a dear family member, your dog. Or, if you're bored of staring at a plain, white wall in your room, you can get yourself a mural.

If you're interested in getting a Swedish-made canvas or mural, feel free to check out their website and order yourself, or a relative, a print. Already looking for X-mas presents? (Pssshh: look no further, it's on Photowall!)


November 1, 2017

Autumn has arrived and the season has brought a chilly wind, a steep decrease in temperature and the need for warmer coats. Last weekend I traveled to Birmingham for the weekend, accompanied by my lovely dad, and I asked him to take a couple of outfit pictures (which ended up being around 80 photos altogether, thanks, dad!). As you can see I was wearing quite a fair few layers on this day and thank goodness I did. It was pretty cold and the wind was not very gentle, but seeing the impressive architecture in Birmingham was definitely worth it!

I wore my good old teddy bear coat, which I got from one of those cheap Chinese websites that I would no longer even consider buying from as it's most certainly not sweatshop-free. But I was fairly new to blogging at the time and getting free stuff was exciting and cool (eye-roll). Anywho, long story short, I love the teddy bear coat and I need to get my hands on a thrifted one to replace this one as it's a tad bit worn-out.

I also wore my favourite trousers from American Apparel, an oversized jumper with a blouse underneath (both pieces were from Vero Moda), my trusty old Doc Martens (the vegan edition) and my fancy Matt and Natt backpack (also vegan, fyi). I hope you've enjoyed reading this far too long explanation of my outfit and watching me pull funny faces and looking stern as well. Have a lovely day! (PS: it's world vegan day today, yay!) 

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