did that little kid have resolutions for the new year?

December 31, 2017

It's the last day of what has been a very eventful and strange year, yet I feel both sad and relieved to leave everything behind. The love, the hate, the good and the bad, it's officially captured in that number, 2017. My intention was to get to know myself and my boundaries better. But if I'm completely honest with you, there is still so much about me I have yet to learn and, as a 21-year old woman, I'm still leaning more towards the little girl in me than the woman I am supposed to grow into. And all of this got me thinking, why don't we see the world through a child's eyes anymore? Why don't we take things as they come and accept whatever we cannot change? 

Wonder is the salt of the earth. - M.C. Escher

They say a child's words are often words of truth. Are we then, as adults, telling lies to conceal what is not beautiful or worthy of telling? And just this question is exactly what I intend to do next year. I wish to learn to accept everything and anything that comes into my life, whether beautiful or ugly. I want to see the world through the eyes of the little girl inside of me. That little kid is also alive within you. Don't push him or her away, but awaken your curiosity and naïvety because it is the most wonderful thing. Don't be afraid to show people you're not perfect - neither are they - and go on silly adventures. 

It is a happiness to wonder; it is a happiness to dream. - Edgar Allen Poe

I need you to do a couple of things as you're reading this post. Take a piece of paper and something to jot a couple of words down with. Write down what it is you loved to do as a kid, what you were dreaming of, what you're still wishfully thinking about, or where you would like to take that kid to. I have always loved to write and I used to be rather silent about this hobby of mine. I wasn't particularly good at it and I was told to study instead of to dream. Society held me in its grip, and I blindly followed its paved road. I studied, became aware of the limits only I was accountable for, started worrying about eating too much or eating too little, the imperfections of my body, the dreams I would never fulfill, etcetera. 

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. - Rupi Kaur

To be that child again is to study because I am curious, not because I have to, to eat because I need fuel for my endlessly hyperactive brain, to not care about what I look like or what other people think of me, and to dream bravely. I want to travel, discover, do crazy things and write fantastical novels. To accept yourself is to be free, and to be free is to live. A child doesn't worry about the future, and neither should you. With this being said, I hope to have awoken that sleeping kid within you and I would love to know how you see the new year. Do wild things and live your wildest dreams. Happy new year, friends! Nausikaä xxx


December 15, 2017

Having been stuck on my rather isolated campus, traveling with my family for a couple of days felt like such a relief and I really wanted to post the prettiest village I have thus far visited in England on my blog. Bakewell is exactly the town you'd imagine when thinking of Christmas and cozy film sceneries. It has the cutest little shops, cheerful people and lots of amazing photo opportunities. Here's a little photo diary of our day in Bakewell. 

How can you get to Bakewell? Take the 218 Peak Line from Sheffield station and get off at the end! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!


December 11, 2017

It has been a while since I last posted a what-I-eat-in-a-day something, whether it be a blog post or a short video on YouTube. The change of scenery - better known as my Erasmus exchange - might make for an interesting comparison to my life back home, where everything I could ever need is ready for me to use. In the UK, I've had to find new products, new recipes and, although I usually cook for myself back home as well, having to plan out my meals every day of the week was an interesting challenge. Looking back at the previous weeks here - I'm writing this on my last Monday before I head back to Belgium for a couple of weeks - I think I've done a pretty good job at staying healthy and creative with my meals!


For breakfast, I usually have a variation on overnight oats or a warm version if it's really cold outside. I prepare them the night before with boiling water, flaxseeds, some sort of nut butter and plant milk. In the mornings I mix it up with soy yogurt, either the plain Alpro one or a blueberry version. When my stomach is rumbling in the morning, I can just grab my breakfast right there and then.


For lunch, one of my uni roommates and I decided to be a little more creative and make a Mexican feast. We heated up a couple corn tortillas, we filled them with chili sin carne, soy mince, guacamole and other veggies like corn, tomatoes etc. Super tasty, filling and actually, incredibly easy. If you're wondering, the cheese in the pictures isn't actually cheese, it's a 'fake' coconut and soy-based one.


My dinner is a very lazy combination of either bagels or bread with jam and some sort of nut butter. If I'm having a more productive (or just less lazy) evening, I even dare to spice it up with a banana-chocolate spread bagel. I didn't think of taking a picture of the bagel (it wasn't very exciting either, don't you worry), but you can see the meal in the YouTube video.

youtube video

I filmed a video as well this day, so be sure to check it out below and let me know if you like this type of post or if there's something else you'd love to read on my blog!


December 7, 2017

Living on my own has taught me a lot, not only about myself but also about my routines and how I like to have a set list of bedtime habits. As adults, we often forget to care about the child inside of us. A calming bedtime story to soothe our minds, a minute to meditate and a moment to take care of our skin. By writing this post I want you to think about your nighttime rituals and how you can adapt them to suit your needs. Let's get pampered!

A cup of camomile tea

Everyone has a kettle in their kitchen and a couple of tea bags lying around. I like to have a cup of hot tea to warm myself up and wind down after an eventful day. My tea-time is usually accompanied by a chunk of dark chocolate or some sneaky biscoff. If you don't happen to have any chamomile tea in stock, decaffeinated tea is also an option, but add chamomile to your shopping list so you're well ahead of yourself.

 Your favorite book

I am a self-confessed bookworm and I love to dive into an imaginary world or learn new things about our own planet, so you'll often find me with a book in my hands. Reading doesn't only take your mind off of the endless to-do list, it also teaches you to look at the world differently. 

 Gentle products to pamper your skin

I have a set skincare routine which I like to follow step by step every evening. My skin has been experiencing some trouble adapting to the new climate in the UK and the rainy, windy weather has not been ideal. I treat the breakouts on my chin with tea tree oil, which I dab onto the redness, after a gentle cleanse (I use a Sukin cleanser) in the shower. Lastly, I moisturize with my trusty Weleda cream.

Try meditation or yoga

I try to practice yoga every morning when the world is still asleep and the sun is about to rise, but lately, I have implemented a short and sweet bedtime yoga session and five minutes of meditation. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I really need time to clear my mind and focus on my breathing. But, even if you're not prone to anxiety, a gently flow or meditation guarantees a better sleep. The last thing I do before getting into bed is dabbing some lavender essential oil on my pillow.

Sleep tight!

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