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March 6, 2018

Can we just start off by saying 'oh my goodness, how time has flown by'? Only a month ago I was still on my way back from the UK and I had yet to settle into my new life back in Belgium. Lots of things have happened in the meantime, which I won't be fully explaining due to personal reasons, and even now, a month into uni life, I still feel a tad bit out of place. I'm working on ideas to send my blog into a different direction, where fashion and beauty will play an important role again, which is why I've been so quiet on here. Enough excuses, these are five ways in which I try to better myself (every day).


Everybody knows living a completely zero-waste life is pretty much impossible, yet we do have the possibility to live a lower waste lifestyle. Choose paper packaging over plastic, recyclable packaging over non-recyclable and reuse what you already have. Instead of buying multiple plastic water bottles, I bring my own everywhere. Along with bamboo cutlery these are the basics in my backpack. You don't just save the planet by doing this, but you've also got the picnic basics with you - everywhere! 

Once a week I try to visit my local bulk store to stock up on some basics and I try to experiment with new products as well. My cupboards are stocked with polenta, rice, flour, nuts and seeds, different nut butters and coconut flour. I like how pretty it looks and how easy it is to reuse my old glass jars. It's a win-win for everbody!


I'm guessing this one is also a no-brainer. When you've got the time and means to cook your own meals and prep delicious snacks from scrap, always choose this over prepared meals, even if they look somewhat healthy. When you know what goes into your food and you realise how much better eating homemade meals will make you feel, it's, as I've said before, a no-brainer. I make my own cookies, granola, all of my main meals and anything in between. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but the satisfaction I get in return is worth all of that extra time. If you're unsure as to where to start, check out my recipe blog!


I chose the word 'plantbased' over 'vegan', as it seems to scare people when they see VEGAN anywhere. Let's keep it simple and peaceful here. I have been *whispers* vegan *pulls hood higher* for nearly three years and, my goodness, how it has changed my life! The energy I have is nothing like I've ever experienced before. I make my own, plant-y meals and eat until I'm satisfied. I don't just save the lives of cute little animals, I also take care of my personal health and I take responsibility in slowing down climate change. 'Nuf said, let's get to the next thing!


I use public transport and my little bike to get me pretty much anywhere. Perhaps not having a driver's licence also aids in not using the car to get me from A to B (I'll get it some day, promise mum!). More people should use public transport on a daily basis. Driving to work every day isn't that ecological and it causes heaps of stress, so opt for train or bus when you've got the possibility! 


I am not going to sugarcoat the real truth here. I love buying clothes every once in a while and wear schnazzy new things - yes, that is a word I tend to use too often, but this is not what we're talking about. However, instead of running toward the nearest H&M or Zara, which does not produce ethical clothing, I get my 'new' clothes from thrift stores. Instead of buying a 30 euro sweater, I pay less than ten for a perfectly fine, yet worn one in the thrift store. Easy peasy! 

In which ways do you try to better yourself? I'd love to know!

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