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Smile because you can

Hi everyone! Since it was quite hot outside and we had a day off, we decided to take some pictures for an outfit post. We were both wearing our flowery shoes that we got from Geox and as Elien was dressed quite colourful (as usual), I (Nausikaä) chose to wear black and white clothes. Not such a big change, haha :) My outfit will be up in a few days. Have a lovely day and enjoy the end of the holiday! xxx Nausikaä & xoxo Elien

(Elien: shoes: GEOX; dress: Jbc; jacket: Zara; bracelets: vintage; bag: Bershka)


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all having a nice day! It's been a while since my last outfit post (again) , I just seem to forget to take pictures of my outfits. It's an annoying bad habit, no need to tell me. I'm wearing my new shoes from Geox and they are so comfortable, my new faves! I found the skinny jeans at the bottom of my wardrobe and I should wear them more often since they're actually really pretty and comfy.
I wanted to do some MJ moves as you can see on the pictures, but I kinda hurt my ankle a bit. I'm no dancing queen, I'm really clumsy. Haha :) My Easter holiday ends in two days *sad face* which means I'll have less time to post outfits, hauls,... on my blog. But you'll still be able to read some new posts twice a week. :) How has your holiday been? xxx Nausikaä

(bomber jacket: Zara; jeans: Best Mountain; shirt: Mango; shoes: GEOX; necklace: H&M)


OPI matte top coat

Hi! When shopping in Italy with Nausikaä, we went to Sephora. I bought this matte top coat from OPI that I wanted for the longest time. The bottle looks pretty cool with the matte finish. I first painted my nails ombre with 3 shades of pink, than I putted on the matte top coat. It’s fascinating to see the nail polish appear matte when it dries. After the top coat has dried, your nails will feel soft and of-course matte. I think I will use this top coat a lot because it’s pretty on every color or nail design and it gives your manicure a finished look.
Xoxo Elien


GEOX sneakers

I went to a presentation of the GEOX summer collection in Brussels yesterday and Elien and I both got a pair of lovely shoes. I'd been looking for a decent pair of sneakers for such a long time and when I saw these ones in the geox shop, I was sold. Seriously, the print is so adorable and perfect for summer or spring. I'm really excited to wear them. I will be posting more about the event if you guys want me to, just let me know in your comments! :) xxx Nausikaä


New in: Kiko make-up

While I was in Italy, I saw a shop called ‘Kiko’ which is basically a cheap make-up brand. I couldn’t leave the shop without buying at least one thing. So I bought khaki green nail polish and peachy lipstick. The nailpolish was only one euro and the price-quality is amazing! It dries really quick and it stays on your nails for a long time, so I’m glad I bought it.
The lipstick from Kiko that I got has a peachy color, it’s not the best quality, because it fades quite fast and it’s not very pigmented. I just really like the colour of it. Anyway, have a lovely day! :) xxx Nausikaä