I finally found the time to snap some shots for this outfit post! It's been so long it felt like a withdrawal -seriously. I recently got a few new lipsticks, including this one from Hema and I've never loved a lipstick so much, which probably sounds really weird but it's true. This one is a perfect dupe for the Mac Diva and I'm willing to review it, because I love you guys (and it's almost Christmas!). So, I was wearing a grey-silver skirt and a faux leather shirt (that rhymes..lol.) and my platforms because they make me feel a bit taller. The adorable, stunning jewellery is from BornPrettyStore, they were so lovely for sending me these! The discount code is in the sidebar, go check 'em out for some late Christmas presents! 
Anyway, I hope you're all as excited as me for Christmas and I love you guys, thanks for supporting me! XX



You've probably already seen these lipsticks a hundred times already, but that's just because I'm a huge fan of the darker coloured lipsticks. I usually don't really dare to wear these dark lippies that often, but I kind of got over the fact that people might think it's weird. The only thing you can be is yourself and I find it comforting and amusing to wear darker colours so that's what I do. 

My ultimate favorite lipstick has to be 'Mac Diva', how could it be any different. I've had this color for nearly two years and it's still the most stunning lipstick in my collection. The pigmentation is more than amazing and it lasts for ages. Seriously, nothing but admiration for this one! (€19)

My most worn lipstick is probably the Rimmel x Kate Moss in the colour 08. The colour is absolutely stunning and it's a great lipstick to wear on an everyday basis. Although the packaging promises a long-lasting and pigmented effect, I noticed that it doesn't survive a meal at all. I really like the colour and the moisturising effect, so I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it again when I run out of it. (€10)

Last but not least, my most worn lippie nowadays, the Hema moisturising lipstick in the colour 13. This one is really pigmented but doesn't last that long either. I usually apply it before school starts and by the time I'm having lunch, it's already faded and almost completely disappeared. That doesn't mean I don't like it, because as I said, it's my most worn lipstick right now. It's really cheap and you can find colours that looks almost the same in other drugstores as well. Hema isn't very known outside Europe, which is quite sad as it's an amazing brand for lipsticks! (€3,50)

(left: Hema; middle: Rimmel; right: Mac)



I won't lie, I'm actually the worst at not giving up on the whole fitness thing. But I kind of decided to get fit for New Year and the rest of the year actually. I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted to see a fitness-routine or a DIY and you wanted to see a fitness routine so here it is!

The most important thing when you're doing a workout, is to drink a lot of water throughout the exercises. I usually work out for about 20 minutes to half an hour and then I like to drop dead and sleep for seven years. (Just kidding –duhh-) Anyway, I’ll list the exercises I do for you guys and if you have any tips/questions/comments on how to do a better workout then don’t hesitate to leave them down below! 
(I numbered the exercises on the pictures so you know what the exercises are, except the obvious ones ;))

My fitness routine:
Warm up for two minutes by doing about 20 jumping jacks, 10 burpees, 10 strides and overall stretching so your body is all warmed up and ready for some exercising. (PS: do the same stretching after your workout!)

(more exercises will follow soon in like a month or so, slowly build up the routine and get stronger)



So the actual plan was to go shopping and find a Christmas present for my brother and well all of a sudden I seemed to have ended up in a drugstore. I got home with some beauty products and -luckily- I found a gift for my brother as well. Let's just pretend it's an early Christmas present for myself. 
I took this lovely eyeshadow palette with me and god, I love the packaging! It's so cute and Christmassy. I already have a few of the nude shades in my stash, but I was curious about the pigmentation and the golden shimmery colours so I took it with me anyway. I was kind of sad when I realised that the pigmentation isn't really that amazing, it's rather bad actually.You have to apply quite a lot of the eyeshadow to get a decent looking colour. The colours of the palette are called 'eye light beige', 'go for gold', 'an eye on apricot', 'all about nude', 'nude night out' and 'team nude'. It's all about the nude colours in this palette! 
The colours are really pretty though and I'm so excited to wear this for Christmas. I'm such a Christmas person -ugh- haha. XX 

(Nude palette: Essence - €5,99)



Hi there! I promised to post something on my birthday, so here it is! I turned 18 today, I feel so old now haha :) We already ate some cake yesterday because I had school today. I got the cutest presents from my parents and my brother. They all gave me room decoration items, which is amazing as I'm still completely redecorating my room. I can't wait to show you guys! Anyway this is just a short update. :) XX