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28 October 2014

Photoshoot | Old habits

Me and my brother decided it would be fun to shoot some fashion pictures in the corn field next to my house, so we grabbed our stuff and spend the afternoon taking photos. I'm so happy with the result of the shoot and I thought it would be fun to share some pics with you guys. I wanted to keep the outfit simple by wearing a leather dress, a bandeau and a super-oversized denim jacket from my mum (I'm guessing it's 20 years old haha). The make-up is quite natural and not too eye-catching, I just applied some gold and brown eyeshadow and a lot of mascara. I hope you like the pics as much as I do. XX

26 October 2014

Haul | Eindhoven

After an intensive month with no shopping, I was in desperate need of a decent shopping trip. So, my family and I decided to go to Eindhoven. I didn't buy a lot of stuff as I couldn't really find what I was looking for, but I got a stunning bag from Primark and a simple phone case. About the bag, I've always loved Primark bags and I'm always surprised by their quality so I thought I'd pick a new bag up. This one was €11 and I love it! The other thing I got is a simple Phone case. I'm always scared to drop my phone (and I do that a lot) so I found a very practical phone case for €2 that hopefully protects my phone well. I already mentioned my newest jewellery in my last post so I won't be writing too much about the pieces, but if you want to read a review about them, you just have to scroll down ;) Have a lovely day! XX

24 October 2014

New in | Golden jewellery

Hi! I received these stunning pieces of jewellery from the BornPrettyStore and I was eager to write a review about them so here you go! I'd been looking for some dainty golden rings for quite a while and as these ones looked really cute, I decided to pick them up. I think they would finish a minimalistic, simple outfit perfectly. It was quite sad to see that the golden colour of the rings quickly faded and the colour wasn't as intensive as it used to be after one day. They still look lovely and I will be wearing them a lot more.
If you've been reading my blog lately, you may have noticed that I wore a golden leave necklace quite often and as I didn't want you guys to get bored of it, I decided to chose a golden necklace with an arrow as it also looked really cute. I'm thinking of styling them with a plain, white shirt. I was surprised by the excellent quality of the necklace, it's so adorable! Hope you'll enjoy the pics. 
PS: You get a 10% discount with the code MMET10 on all the jewellery. XX

21 October 2014

OOTD | Faux leather dungarees

Hi there! Here I am with another outfit post for you guys! I've missed taking pictures so much, posting ootd's is my favourite part of blogging. The positive comments always make my day. I forgot how comfortable these dungarees were until I took them out of my closet and put them on together with a see-through top from H&M. I chose to wear the pullover from H&M on top during the day to keep me warm. The weather was really weird Sunday, it was cold because of the wind but it got warmer as the sun came through the clouds. It's a simple outfit but I love wearing it!

19 October 2014

OOTD | October sun

Good morning! I wanted to share my outfit with you as it's a sunny October day which makes me really happy. I've been stuck in school for what feels like ages and I needed to get my mind off for a little while. So I decided to focus on ootd's lately. I haven't really got a photographer at this time (my brother is working for school 24/7 so he hasn't got the time *sad face*) so I had to work with my tripod again. Thank god the lightning was good so I didn't have too much work editing the photos. You probably saw the skirt I'm wearing a million times before, but it's such a stunning piece! I literally works with everything, whether you wear a sweater, a simple v-neck shirt or a more dressed up shirt. 
I also worked with a new way of editing this time. Instead of mentioning the items underneath the text, I made it look more like a magazine. What do you think of it? Have a lovely, sunny day!