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July 2, 2015

Denim + me have always had a love-hate relationship. I always think it looks so classy and stylish when bloggers wear them, so I collected some inspiration and I wanted to share that with you today. I personally love a basic white tee with denim shorts, but any combination with white and denim looks amazing. Add a simple sneaker or black heels and you look stunning!


June 29, 2015

I've recently fallen in love with A-line skirts and I just had to buy one in the H&M presale and I haven't worn anything else since. Okay, that's not totally true, I do wear other clothing haha. This skirt is just the perfect size for me. Skirts are usually too big for me because I have a tiny waist and small hips and they're just not too flattering. But this skirt is so easy to combine with a halter neck crop top and platform sandals. Yup, I'm in love. What do you think of A-line skirts?


June 25, 2015

Discovering new places and traveling around the world is what I love to do most in life and I'm so grateful to be able to travel. My parents have wanderlust in their blood and so do I. Having to stay home and not discovering new things is torture for us, we'd rather take the car or the train without having a destination than staying home. I created a wishlist and collected some stunning photographs for you to get inspired and I hope you enjoy them!


June 23, 2015

When it comes to painting my nails, I always paint them black or white simply because I don't have any other pretty colors in my nailpolish stash. I remember being obsessed with painting my nails and nail art, but then I turned 16 and I gave all the pretty colors away. The same thing happened to my wardrobe and now it consists of black and white clothing and a couple colorful pieces. But, I told myself it's been boring enough and I got two adorable new nailpolishes from Catrice. These ones are quick drying and really pigmented, plus they last so long! 


June 20, 2015

I went on a trip to Ghent yesterday with my mum, my aunt and my godmother and we had such a lovely time. We did a bit of walking, shopping, eating, lots of chatting and we just enjoyed the day and each other's company. The day flew by so quickly and I really want to do this over again in another city, because there's so much to discover in tiny Belgium, haha. I hope you enjoy the photos and have a lovely day! (PS: doesn't my mum look amazing in the picture of us?) :)