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New in: Kiko make-up

While I was in Italy, I saw a shop called ‘Kiko’ which is basically a cheap make-up brand. I couldn’t leave the shop without buying at least one thing. So I bought khaki green nail polish and peachy lipstick. The nailpolish was only one euro and the price-quality is amazing! It dries really quick and it stays on your nails for a long time, so I’m glad I bought it.
The lipstick from Kiko that I got has a peachy color, it’s not the best quality, because it fades quite fast and it’s not very pigmented. I just really like the colour of it. Anyway, have a lovely day! :) xxx Nausikaä 


Sleek - Garden of Eden palette

Hi! I went to Italy for ten days with school and I honestly had so much fun! We visited Firenze, Rome, Venice and many other places, I'll tell you more about it in another post. I did some shopping in Rome and I found this lovely eye shadow palette from Sleek in Sephora. It's called 'Garden of Eden' and all the colors are named after places and events of the Adam and Eva chapter in the bible. The colours are highly pigmented and they're so pretty. :) Result: I am in love. Have you got any palettes from Sleek? xxx Nausikaä

(Sleek 'Garden of Eden palette': €9,90)



Hi! I hope you're all having a lovely day, the sun is shining in Belgium (finally!) and I'm wearing my super cute new bag from Topshop. My day is made, haha :) I fell in love with this cute pink bag while scrolling through (a very addictive) Topshop site and I just realised I didn't have any large bags, so I needed it. I'm a sucker for cute stuff, I know. I was actually looking for new shoes since the only decent pair of shoes I have are my Doc Martens and you can't really wear them in summer. I found these lovely looking black cut out sandals and I'm in love with them. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä

(Bag & shoes: Topshop; dress: H&M)


OOTD | You told me you'd never change

It feels like ages since I posted my last ootd, but I finally found the time to take some snaps of what I was wearing. If you've been following me on WeHeartIt, you probably noticed that I've kinda gotten into the rosy/cute style. I just think people are wearing too much black (including me) lately and I just wanted to cheer myself and the people around me up. That probably sounds crazy, but it's just the only way to explain my current obsession with rosy stuff, haha.
I made the skirt and the pull myself and the denim vest and the heels are from H&M. Have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä