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19 September 2014

Currently craving

Internet shopping or just spending time surfing the internet isn't good for my mental shopping health. As a busy student I don't have time for a part-time job so I save the pocket money I get to buy accessories or clothing which can cause sad times when I can't buy the item I really wanted (and who wants to wait until Christmas?). Anyway, it's that time of the month again where I show you my monthly 'favourites' or simply said my monthly cravings. I have been loving midi-skirts, plain white blouses and small black purses. Anything minimalistic yet elegant and figure-embracing. What have you been craving lately?

(leather bag: Alexander Wang; black jacket: Sheinside; skirt: Chicwish; photo frames: Bodie and Fou; white blouse: Sheinside; headphones: Frends)

16 September 2014

Summer leaves

We all have these days where we don't feel like dressing up, but an outfit can easily be cheered up by a necklace like the one that arrived this morning in my postbox. While scrolling through Ebay, I found this lovely looking bracelet for under a dollar and I fell in love with the simple yet cute design. I love wearing simple necklaces with just a plain outfit as it adds a sprinkle of life to the 'boring' outfit. I can't wait to wear this more often!

14 September 2014

Antwerp fashion festival

I went to an event called the Antwerp fashion festival yesterday where bloggers sold their clothing, shops were open till 10PM and a fashion show was organised. I went there with my best friend who was so lovely to take a picture of my outfit (excuse the serious bee face). I really wanted to attend the fashion show, but me and my friend got lost and we missed the show. Too bad, but we did some window-shopping and we got to know new stores and places. Did you go to the Antwerp fashion festival?

(vest: Cavalli; dress: Forever 21; sandals and socks: Topshop; shirt: Zara; sunnies: New Look)

13 September 2014

Chocolate chip cookies

These cookies are my secret addiction, I recently discovered the recipe to make them on Lovely Jubbly (a beauty/lifestyle blog) and I haven't stopped making them since. Every girl loves her chocolate and this is the perfect combination of delicious dough with chunks of chocolate, they're so easy to bake! I wanted to post the full recipe on here but my explanation wouldn't be as good as Lydia's, so click here to read the full recipe. I'm warning you, they're very addictive! 

11 September 2014

Perfume heaven

The Coco Mademoiselle perfume from Chanel has always been my favourite scent, I don't know what it is about this perfume that makes me want to wear it every second of the day. I remember collecting the small samples from this perfume when I was younger, I couldn't really afford the 'real' perfume so I made myself smell lovely by using the smaller samples, until my mum got home from her holiday and told me she bought a real bottle of the Chanel perfume. I was in heaven! It's a soft, floral, feminine scent and I absolutely love wearing it.
I recently also got a super cute perfume from Yves Rocher, it's the perfect travel size and I take it with me whenever I'm going somewhere. It's easy to grab and it makes you smell amazing. The So Elixir perfume has got a  strong, floral scent that is perfect for a night out or a dinner date when you want to smell good.
Last but not least, I love my Oilily Lucky Girl perfume. I got it a couple years ago from my family and I recently rediscovered it. It smells amazing and it reminds me of my childhood where I wanted to wear perfume to feel older and grown up. Oilily is known for its floral and sweet scents (I love me some floral scents, obviously) and I'm a huge fan of their perfumes. What is your favourite perfume?