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21 October 2014

OOTD | Faux leather dungarees

Hi there! Here I am with another outfit post for you guys! I've missed taking pictures so much, posting ootd's is my favourite part of blogging. The positive comments always make my day. I forgot how comfortable these dungarees were until I took them out of my closet and put them on together with a see-through top from H&M. I chose to wear the pullover from H&M on top during the day to keep me warm. The weather was really weird Sunday, it was cold because of the wind but it got warmer as the sun came through the clouds. It's a simple outfit but I love wearing it!

19 October 2014

OOTD | October sun

Good morning! I wanted to share my outfit with you as it's a sunny October day which makes me really happy. I've been stuck in school for what feels like ages and I needed to get my mind off for a little while. So I decided to focus on ootd's lately. I haven't really got a photographer at this time (my brother is working for school 24/7 so he hasn't got the time *sad face*) so I had to work with my tripod again. Thank god the lightning was good so I didn't have too much work editing the photos. You probably saw the skirt I'm wearing a million times before, but it's such a stunning piece! I literally works with everything, whether you wear a sweater, a simple v-neck shirt or a more dressed up shirt. 
I also worked with a new way of editing this time. Instead of mentioning the items underneath the text, I made it look more like a magazine. What do you think of it? Have a lovely, sunny day!

18 October 2014

INSPO | Outfit needs

Sharing inspiration is one of my favourite things to do and I love getting inspired myself as well so that's why I decided to share some outfit ideas and jewellery with you. I've been wearing a lot of all black outfits lately because I just feel really comfortable wearing that colour. I do like to wear other colours too, all black might just get boring some day.
Wearing simple jewellery can cheer any outfit up and it's so easy. BornPrettyStore has got some stunning pieces and I wanted to buy everything when I was scrolling through their website. I got a 10% discount for you, you just have to enter MMET10 when checking out and you don't have to pay any chipping costs. I'm not sure if there's anyone who can hold me back from buying more jewellery.

(Ps: excuse the watermarks on the pictures, click on the items in the top collage to be redirected to the site)

14 October 2014

OOTD | Olives

I might have mentioned it way too many times before, but on my shopping trip to H&M I found some stunning pieces and I wanted to share my green skirt that kinda reminded me of olives with you. I absolutely love wearing it, it's not too short and very girly and cheerful. I usually wouldn't chose items like this but I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and grab a colour I wouldn't wear. As a result, I found my new autumn must-have in my closet. I'm probably not the only one who thinks autumn can a bit depressing with the leaves falling down and the weather getting colder, so I always like to cheer my wardrobe up to keep me happy. Random story haha. I just noticed I'm wearing that Cavalli vest again, it just seems one of the items I can't live without. What is your wardrobe must-have this autumn?
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(skirt: H&M; Top: Topshop; Vest: Just Cavalli; Platform shoes: Romwe)

12 October 2014

Moisturise my hands

I bought this hand cream together with the coconut and vanilla perfume on my shopping trip to H&M and I just can't get over the softness of my hands right now. The hand cream makes my hands feel super moisturised and they smell amazing. I've never been fond of hand creams as they're usually very greasy and they make my hands feel all sticky. This hand cream is the complete opposite, it makes my dry hands feel really soft and pleasant. (No, I'm not being paid for this haha) Even the packaging is stunning. I really love this cheap H&M product and I take it with me everywhere I go.