About Me

 Fashionatic/A fashionatic/A person who likes to dress up and seems to have a different outfit for every occasion.

20 // Vegan // Belgium

Hi! Nice to meet you! Back in 2012 on a sunny summer day, I didn't feel like getting a tan and enjoying the sunshine so I decided to spend the day inside my room behind my laptop screen. Being the computer nerd that I am, I wanted to be creative on the internet and I thought it would be funny if I'd start a blog about fashion and beauty. Not that I had any beauty products whatsoever, the only thing in my make-up drawer was a pink lipstick I'd bought years ago that made me look like Barbie. 

On that sunny summer day, the idea to become a blogger was created and I haven't loved any hobby more than blogging ever since. Blogging has become my passion and it might sound a cheesy, but I can't image my life any different. I love taking photographs of the things I eat (thank god for Instagram), I still think taking outfit photos in the middle of the street is awkward and weird and the Belgian lighting still annoys the crap out of me (Pardon my French) whilst photographing make-up products. But as I said before, I can't imagine a life without blogging and the blogging community. I met so many lovely people online that support me and my blog and my interest and knowledge about style and beauty has grown. 

Maybe one day I'll make a living out of this blog, but you never know where life will take you. I'm studying Communication Science in Leuven (a tiny but stunning city in Belgium) and I'm hoping to become a PR-lady one day, hopefully in Paris. Who knows?

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