At least we are under the same sky. Now and forever.

April 24, 2013

The sun is a badass today, shining her brightest and making me wanna put my best sunglasses on. I wanted to show you my glitter shoes and a dress I made once, they are my dearest pieces. I can't go outside without my white hat on, it's something my hand always wants to grab when I walk out the door, into the sunlight. I had a better day than yesterday, because I didn't get any bad notes back. I still can't believe I cried in public, I'm normally the cool one but I just couldn't fight my tears back. It was pretty embarrassing, to be honest. Arriving with red eyes in my classroom. But never mind, I'm ready for another thug weeks. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend and Monday and Tuesday of course. Have a good day and may the sun be with you!

(Vest: C&A; dress: diy; shoes: Forever 21; hat: L&L; sunglasses: no idea :P)


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Don't worry about what happened in school, it's okay not te be okay :)xx B

    1. Oh, thank you so much, B ;) You know me too well ;)

  2. Great post. Love your pics!

  3. Your braids are perfect! And we've all cried in public at some point - it's embarrassing, but you'll forget soon enough!


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