Don't lie to someone, it only brings you trouble

April 14, 2013

(Vest: Soyaconcept; Heels: Tamaris)

"Don't lie to someone, it only brings you trouble." I told her. She just walked away, leaving me and the fake stories behind. Nothing will ever stop her, she keeps going on, telling people things that aren't real. Just to feel better. I won't help her any more, she ruined it. Whatever could be called 'friendship' is now past. 

I grab the clothes from my chair. I liked them yesterday, in the shop. They look so old now, so retro. "It suits my style" is what I thought yesterday. It doesn't suit my style at all now. Well, mum paid for it, I should better wear them once. I put on the vest. My mirror calls me. It sure looks better now I'm wearing it, even better, it's looking quite cool. What should I wear underneath it? No pants, it's too hot for that. I grab some leggings and put them on. Way better now. I brush my hair, grab my camera and go downstairs. "Mum, d'you wanna take some pics of me and my outfit?" "Sure" is all she says. Oh, I love her, I couldn't imagine a better mum.

Okay, so I wanted to change my style of writing and here's a sneak peek of what it would be if I continued this style. I've always loved writing stories and sometimes, when I'm writing something for an outfit post or something else, I don't know what to say. It doesn't feel real, it isn't me. So, please tell me if I should keep doing this or just go back to normal?


  1. If something doesn't feel real or like 'you', then never force it :) this is your blog and you must be free and do whatever comes naturally. Change the style as many times as you like until you feel sure. For what it's worth, I really liked it :) I always love getting snippets from people's lives.

    Oh and that first photo is stunning xoxox


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