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April 19, 2013

(top: Esprit, skirt: H&M; earrings: Veritas)

Let me introduce you to... Ymke! I asked her if she'd like to blog sometimes and so, we'll be working on this blog with two! She'll be blogging about photography and random stuff with a little bit of fashioning. The model on the pics is her sister, no idea why though. Ymke is 17 years old, loves dancing, doing gymnastics and playing the guitar. She's one of my best friends and we love making fools out of ourselves, but life is short, so we've gotta live while we're young, right? :)
I wrote this first post for her because she had no idea how to do that. Do you want to hear more from her?
Nausikaä & Ymke

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  1. Cute earring!!


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