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June 21, 2013

Hey hey! I wanted to show off another diy shirt that I made yesterday and I'm also proud of :) Hate me or love me for copying logos from famous clothing designers, but I don't have enough money to afford the real ones and it's just fun to wear :) I am also wearing my new skirt from H&M that I bought yesterday and I must say that it's sooo comfortable! :) I'm a fan of everything that has 'waterfall" in it :) Waterfall skirts, waterfall dresses, waterfall braids,... anything :)
The fake Vans that I'm wearing are also really comfortable and they cheer every dark outfit up. I first wanted to wear my DM's with the outfit, but they are too 'heavy' and I wanted to keep it light.

Have a nice day!
(shirt: diy; skirt: H&M; shoes: fake Vans)

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