Stay true to who you are

July 1, 2013

Half an hour ago, I asked my brother to take some pics for an outfit post. It all went quite well, until I uploaded the photos on my computer. Well, they weren't sharp and I only want the best pics for my blog :) So, that's the story behind the cancelled outfit post of the day...
But I've got other things to show you, don't worry ;) This is a book I'm making with cut out pics from fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and others. I basically collect all the pics I like and I glue them onto the pages and every page has got its own theme. The themes that I'm going to show you today, are the Beach and Black&White. There will be following more pages, but this is the early beginning of my book :)
Enjoy the pics and maybe you can start one too! :)

PS: What do you think of the new blog layout?


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