August 27, 2013

As I told you a few times before, I went to Crete for fourteen days with my family. The views and the place we visited were stunning. Matala, a city where the hippies lived for a few years, was the most beautiful thing we visited. So, if you ever go to Crete, make sure you spend some time there! :)
I hope you'll enjoy the pictures I randomly chose! :P (I used the Olympus E-PM1 mini for my photos)


  1. Nice pics! so lovely place :D

    I follow you right now in Google Friend; take a look to my blog and said me what do you think about it and follow back? :) KelaTaconea
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

    1. I love your blog and immediately followed back! :)

  2. wooow, the pictures are breathtaking! I didn't know the hippies stayed in that city, but now I know I really need to visit it one day. The hippie bus is amazing Ö
    Creta looks like a lovely place. Have to put it one my travel list ^-^

    Loves ,
    The Mad Twins


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