September 5, 2013

Hi, today I tried to change my room and make it more personal. I love my friends, but also memories are very important for me (I mean the good ones ;p). So I combined it all, my friends on the pictures of the good memories. I'm am going to explain you how I did it. It really depends on your choices. You can choose everything, the pattern, the place and the size. So there we go.

What do you need:
- Pictures
- Scotch tape

First you try your pattern on the ground, just to see if everything is correct and if it looks good.

Second you take a piece of scotch tape and you roll it up (with the sticking side on the outside).

Then you stick it at the back of the picure.

Now you are almost ready. The only thing you need to do, is sticking your pictures on your wall.

I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading.
Greets Ymke

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  1. Leuk idee zeg! Ziet er erg leuk uit.


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