October 7, 2013

Some days, it all feels like it’s falling down. It’s all getting too much and you need some time to re-arrange everything in your mind. That’s how I describe my messy head right now, you don’t know who or what to believe or where to go, what to do. Those are the moments when I put my speakers on full blast and draw, it sounds crazy, but you empty your mind by focusing on your drawing and the music as your only background noise.
Anyways, this is the super cute sweater I told you about, from Molly Bracken (there was a spelling mistake in the last post, I wrote ‘Holly’ instead of ‘Molly’ #blimey). It’s amazingly soft and warm, it turns autumn and winter temperature into a soft spring. The pants are also new, from Vero Moda, they’re high-waist and so comfortable! Together with my Dr. Martens, the comfy Fall outfit was ready! Have a nice day! xxx Nausikaä


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