Lost in a dream

October 31, 2013

I visited Margot (blogger on feelfashionable.blogspot.com) today and we decided to do a photo-shoot. It was a bit cold and dark outside, but it’s all part of the game you know ;) The pictures ended up quite well and we had lots of fun, being weird and doing crazy and enjoying the surprised faces of the people that passed us by, haha. I am wearing a H&M dress, my H&M boots and the lovely Zara blazer that I got from my niece. I borrowed the hat from Margot for a few pictures. :) Let’s hope the weather gets better soon, because it’s too hot for a winter coat but too cold for a blazer. Have a nice day! xxx Nausikaä


  1. Cute pictures! Looked like you had fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, darling!
    All the best from spooky Berlin,

    Jana & Vanessa
    Midnight Couture

  2. Aww so awesome outfit. you have gr8 sense of style and u surely know how to carry off anything so beautifully. Truely Awesome. :)
    New post on my blog, dont forget to stop by.

  3. awesome pics! lookin great! =)


  4. Haha, sounds like fun! You two look great, nice pictures! xo Rowan
    PS following you now on Bloglovin & GFC, love your blog :)


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