October 2, 2013

 Before you start asking yourself questions, no I have not gone crazy and yes, I did just write a post about a pair of socks. Warm, thick socks have always been a little bit my obsession. But who doesn't love them? They keep you warm at night and they are adorable, haha. These socks also have an anti-slip sole, so you don't slip while running to your bed (which is something I always do so you almost fly into your bed, call me weird). I've got some great news too, my niece was born yesterday! She's called 'Dieuwke' and she is the cutest! Enjoy the pictures and the little poem I found and absolutely loved. xxx Nausikaä

together we can face our fear
together we can make all the sadness disappear
together we can make no more tear
all the dreams can be true if we are together my dear

together there is nothing to worry about
together we can go anywhere in or out
together we can make lot of beautiful things to be proud
together everything can be found
- angelica ayman

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