Flower crown

February 3, 2014

Hi there! Here is a super cute diy for y'all! I kinda got bored of the grey sky and the rainy days, so I decided to cheer them up by making a flower crown. I know it's not spring or summer yet, but hey, being normal is boring. :) This diy is really easy and adorable, so let's get started! ♡

The things you'll need are: fake flowers, scissors, strong glue and some elastic

Take your elastic and put it around your head to measure the length of the elastic. Done that, cut the elastic off. Then you're going to glue the ends of the elastic together (you can also sew them).

Then you're going to take your fake flowers and pull of the flowers, this should be really easy to do. Put the layers of the flower next to each other on the table so it's easier to glue them on to the elastic.

You can start gluing the flowers to the elastic, make sure to use enough glue. :)

When you're completely finished with gluing the flowers onto the elastic, your flower crown should look like this:

♡ Good luck! ♡


  1. Wow, wat supermooi, zeg! Heel creatief! <3



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  2. I nominated you for Liebster Awards. You can see all the information here: http://hundresses.blogspot.pt/2014/02/liebster-awards-english-version.html
    Thank you!


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