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March 11, 2014

I remember writing a 'favourite blogs' post a few months ago and as I have discovered lots of new blogs lately I decided to write a new one today. Have fun reading about my three favourite blogs! xxx Nausikaä

My first favourite blog is Nanne van Hout her blog, she's been blogging on Fashiable since 2009 and her blog has grown enormously since then. Nanne is a Dutch girl who mostly blogs about fashion, but also about beauty and lifestyle. Her blog posts always surprise me and she has a great sense of humour, haha :)

Another blog I enjoy reading is Katiquette, written by the lovely Katarina Vidic from Slovenia. She mostly blogs about fashion but she sometimes might surprise you with a little beauty article. She's got an amazing style and I'm so jealous of her wardrobe. Seriously, have you seen her jacket collection yet? :)

The last blog I want to introduce you to, is Radiate Fashion, written by Janne Biersma. She has been blogging since 2012 and her blog is gaining popularity really fast. Janne blogs about fashion and lifestyle. I think she has a great sense of style and her blog is always interesting to read. :)

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  1. Hey Nausikaä,

    I just saw this post of yours, thank you soooo much!!!<3 Appreciate it!<3

    Katarina from Katiquette


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