Happy Easter!

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all having a nice day! It's been a while since my last outfit post (again) , I just seem to forget to take pictures of my outfits. It's an annoying bad habit, no need to tell me. I'm wearing my new shoes from Geox and they are so comfortable, my new faves! I found the skinny jeans at the bottom of my wardrobe and I should wear them more often since they're actually really pretty and comfy.
I wanted to do some MJ moves as you can see on the pictures, but I kinda hurt my ankle a bit. I'm no dancing queen, I'm really clumsy. Haha :) My Easter holiday ends in two days *sad face* which means I'll have less time to post outfits, hauls,... on my blog. But you'll still be able to read some new posts twice a week. :) How has your holiday been? xxx Nausikaä

(bomber jacket: Zara; jeans: Best Mountain; shirt: Mango; shoes: GEOX; necklace: H&M)


  1. Happy Easter to you too!
    Very nice outfit and especially shoes!xx

  2. I love the shoes, they give a nice character to the entire outfit! :)x


  3. Love your Mickey mouse shirt!!


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