Current beauty faves | 002

June 19, 2014

I wanted to show you my current beauty faves today since I don't have much time to take pictures for an outfit post. My Sleek palette has been in almost every favourites post, I think. I'm just in love with the purple colours, I haven't tried the green colours out yet but I might just give it a try soon.
The other thing I've been loving is my YSL moisturising lipgloss. It's such a subtle and lovely peachy colour, the lipgloss suits almost every look and it's perfect for summertime!
Last but not least, the Catrice camouflage is absolutely amazing, the packaging looks a bit cheap (well it was only €3) but this cream covers every single redness on your face perfectly.
That were my three current beauty faves! I've got to study some more now for my last exam in high school. I am (hopefully) graduating this year and I'm curious where the future will take me! xxx


  1. Love the lipstick :)

  2. That lipstick looks totally amazing! Great shade of softness :)



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