Lipstick review

June 22, 2014

(Hema: moisturising lipstick 01; Rimmel: long lasting lipstick 08)
I got two new lipsticks in the drugstore yesterday and so I thought it would be nice to write a short review about them. The first one I got is from Hema, I was looking for a pretty, nude long lasting lipstick to wear on an everyday basis. The lipstick was only €3,50 and it's so lovely! Although it's not very long lasting, it fades after two hours or less, the colour is extremely pretty. It's the perfect nude lipstick, I think and it's such a bargain for that price!
The other lipstick is from Rimmel X Kate Moss (€9,99) and it promisses to last for 8 hours. I wore it to prom last night and it started fading after 4 hours. The colour is very subtle and not too eye-catching so you can wear it on a normal schoolday or for a day out shopping.
I hope you liked this short review of the Hema and Rimmel lipstick! xxx


  1. Lovely shade from Rimmel! x

  2. love the review!
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    1. Thank you, that's so sweet! I will follow you back immediately! :) xxx

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  5. Mooi kleurtje van Hema!


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