DIY floral notebook

July 12, 2014

Hi there! Here I am again with a new diy, I wanted to show you guys how to make a simple but cute floral notebook. You can also draw something else on the notebook, but I thought it would be lovely to opt for some flowers since it's summer time. It's really easy but I am so in love with the result! Hope you'll like it! xx

For this DIY, you'll be needing: a pencil, a pigment liner, scissors, tape and a old notebook.

Place your notebook on the piece of paper and draw a line around the edges of the notebook. This is just to measure the size of your drawing.

Draw your flowers in the frame. I decided to do this with my pencil and then with my pigment liner.

The last step is to cover your notebook with the paper, I did this the way I cover my books for school.

And... you're finished! Enjoy your new notebook!

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  1. Leuk gedaan!;) Ik hou zelf echt van notebooks, dus deze diy is helemaal iets voor mij ;)


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