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July 7, 2014

I've been doing some home and beauty shopping lately (I promise I'll do a haul soon) and one of the things that I got were eyeshadow pallets for less than a Euro. I couldn't possibly walk past them without taking them with me, so the next thing happened.
I took a nude coloured pallet and a smokey-eye pallet with me to review them. I didn't expect them to be good quality but it's always nice to have some spare eyeshadow in your make-up collection (not that I ever ran out of it). 

Anyway, let's get started with the review. The eyeshadow smells a bit like paint and the colours don't look that pretty at first sight, but when I was applying them to my arm for the sample pictures, I noticed that the colour fades a bit and it looks better. 
The colours aren't very pigmented which means that you have to apply quite a lot of it to get the wanted look. The darker colours are way better pigmented and they look prettier.
I'm not a fan of the brown colours from the nude pallet as I'm more a girl that likes pink and peachy colours. 
I prefer the smokey-eye pallet because it's better pigmented and the eyeshadows don't look as fake as they do in the nude pallet. 
What do you think about these pallets? Would you buy eyeshadow pallets if they were less than a Euro?

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