DIY | Picture frame wall

August 9, 2014

Hi! Here I am with another easy, yet super cute diy. I've been wanting to cheer my empty white wall up for a long time and I finally found a adorable way to do this. I collected old picture frames and I got some new ones, I searched the web for lovely quotes and pictures and ta daaa, my empty wall was cheered  up! All you're gonna need for this diy are:
- a few picture frames
- pictures or quotes
- tape to stick the frames to your wall or a handy person (Dad, I need your help!) to hang the frames up on your wall

It took me just a few minutes to find the quotes and pictures that I liked and my dad helped me with the rest of the diy. I hope you liked this idea and have a lovely day! xxx Nausikaä


  1. My poor wall needs some decorating as well! I've wanted to do something similar to this for a year now, but I can't find simple dark/black frames anywhere. Your wall looks nice, though! x

    1. Ikea always has some cheap yet good quality frames! X


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