November 5, 2014

I'm one of those people who can scroll through sites such as WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Tumblr,... for ages and when I try to take pictures like the photographers on these sites do, I always end up being frustrated because it just doesn't work out for me. I always blame my camera for not being so fantastic and photogenic, knowing that it's me who's got to make the picture and not my camera. Although the bad Belgian weather can be blamed sometimes, right?
I'm still into the whole black-and-white look when it comes to clothing and the interior all-white industrial look is still so stunning! What's with these colours?! After collecting inspiration I always feel the need to go shopping and I feel like it's my mission to find some of the pieces that inspired me and that I love. Hope you enjoyed this inspiration!

(source: WeHeartIt)


  1. I'm just the same way, love seeing all the beautiful pictures on Tumblr, but when I try to take pictures like that, it never look anything like i want it to. Lovely post and pictures! x

  2. Great and lovely inspiration <3

    XX Nora /

  3. Nice Blog,

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