December 3, 2014

I recently received these stunning pieces from BornPrettyStore and you honestly have no idea how excited I am to wear the hand chain. I remember diy'ing myself one about a year ago, but the silver started fading and it literally looks like a hand 'chain' now haha. When scrolling through the Born Pretty Store webshop, I saw this stunning hand chain and I couldn't help but add it to my shopping bag.
I chose to combine the hand jewellery with some adorable midi-rings and a pearl bracelet. The midi-rings are really freaking small, so if you happen to have thicker fingers, ordering a size bigger is a must. 
The pearl bracelet is so stunning and so subtle! I've never in my life owned a bracelet like this one because I always thought it looked too girly. When I saw it on the website, I just had to get it. Such stunning pieces! 
The items took about 4 weeks to arive, which is quite long but last time I ordered some pieces off the site, it took less than two weeks for them to arrive. Do you like wearing hand chains and golden jewellery? XX
(Ps: excuse the horrible photo quality, it's getting super dark outside really quickly and I get home from school late... I'm also saving up for a new camera because this one is awful to work with when it's getting a bit darker outside)

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  1. It's so pretty! Really want one for myself now :) I have the same trouble with it getting to dark outside this time of year, but these pictures looks great tho! x


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