December 29, 2014

I've been studying for one and a half week straight right now and as I was getting bored and annoyed of all the work, my parents proposed to have a day out. So, we headed to Namen/Namur which is a city in the French part of Belgium (yeah, we're complicated like that) and we spent the day shopping and admiring the city. It's so beautiful, honestly. I wish I could just live their forever, or just in the French part basically. Everything seems more quite and beautiful there, crazy but true.
I was wearing an all-black black outfit with my flower printed Doc Martens and an old beanie. I felt like being a bit hipster and grunge (although my brother said it was gothic, who knows..) I had a lovely day out! (PS: excuse the awful pictures, my camera is bullying me and I'm currently saving up for a new one, be patient haha)

(dress: Forever 21; coat: sprit; shoes: Doc Martens; Bag: H&M; scarf: Bershka)

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