January 25, 2015

I'm not denying it, I've got too many shoes and almost all of them are not so mainstream but I can't help myself when it comes to my shoe addiction (that's probably why it's called an addiction). I bumped into these stunning shoes a few days ago and as it were sales, and these were only €7 instead of €50 I was like, damn I can't leave these beauties here. So, I took them home and my god, how stunning are they? I can't wait to wear them an unforgivable lot. (Did I just say that? Okay.) I got them from New Look and geez, they are amazing, they even walk super comfortable. Yes, I'm in love with a pair of shoes. Call me too materialistic but hey, I can't help it. :) XX


  1. This pair's absolutely stunning, I've just got a similar patent leather blucher from Zara in navy and they're absolutely gorgeous. This is so worthy xx Hope u've had a great weekend xx

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  2. So beautiful!!


  3. Nice!:) xx

  4. You know what I love about your new shoes? The heels aren't pointed/too thin! I hate wearing heels because they hurt my feet especially if they're pointy but this shoes not only look amazing, they even look comfortable to wear too! Thank you so much for posting this. ♥

  5. So cheap! Those shoes look absolutely amazing. I am loving metallic and holographic things at the moment.


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