February 6, 2015

All about that snacks & abs life..

Although I'm not the one to make New Year's resolutions, I decided to get healthier and fitter this year. This post is a little bit of everything, some healthy snacks to eat during the day when you're craving unhealthy food but that voice inside your head is warning you and encouraging you to eat healthier. I also added some abs excercises, because you don't get abs only by working out. It's about eating healhty and doing that little workout everyday. This is my daily workout for abs, I might write about my legs and arms workout later if you want to read that as well.

Healthy snacks:
* All about that chocolate life: melt dark (!) chocolate in a cup and slice a banana. Add the banana to the hot chocolate and ta daaa, your delicious snack is ready!
* Oatmeal cookies: recipe here TIP: use less sugar than the recipe asks you to add to the mixture.
* Smoothie: whenever you feel like stuffing yourself with unhealthy snacks, close the drawer and grab a few fruits to make a smoothie. It fills your empty stomach and it's healthy!
(these were just a few ideas, but I'm willing to write a full post about healthy alternatives if you want me to)

My abs workout routine:
* 50 jumping jacks
* 50 crunches
* 25 leg raises
* 25 leg drops
* 30 bicycle crunches
* 30 russian twists
* 25 reverse crunches


  1. yummy. xx

  2. Good luck with getting fitter and healthier this year. The fruit and granola bowl looks delicious!

  3. Banaan met chocola, holy moly wat lekker!


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