Keep your head up

March 6, 2015

I always feel like Christmas is on its way when I wear collared dresses. It's just a thing, I don't know. Since the weater was really shitty (excuse the word), I felt like cheering my day up by putting on a more festive dress. I actually never feel comfortable wearing this dress, because it literally shows everything, every single imperfection. But it's pretty and it has a collar, so I usually wear a blazer on top of it. 

(dress: New Look; blazer: c&a; shoes: New Look; bag: zalando)


  1. Nice look:) xx

  2. I love this contemporary look xx very adorable, girly and has that chic element for winter fashion xx I love the bag and those patent leather shoes xx Have a great weekend, my dear xx

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  3. Such a lovely dress with that white collar... reminds me of my school years when I was little!


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