Cheers to the shopping days

April 4, 2015

I can't even remember the last time I posted a haul on my blog. I just haven't done much shopping lately, I've had quite a hectic few weeks and I just didn't really feel like buying too much stuff. So, when my parents asked me if I wanted to go on a little shopping trip, I just had to go with them. I came home with a few beauty products and interior pieces. 

The first thing I bought is a foundation powder and a mascara from Action. I've never tried a powder foundation before, so I will review this one and tell you if I like it or not. The mascara was less than a euro and I also bought it to write a little review about it. I then got a Garnier hydrating cream. I'm currently loving Garnier products, because they work wonders for my skin. I used to have extremely dry skin, but it's starting to look healthier already.

The interior pieces I got are a cute white basket and plant pots for my growing cacti collection. My dad recently got me a larger cactus that was almost dead, but it's slowly healing (Yes, I treat my plants like humans hahaha). I'm pretty sure I'll end up with fifty cacti soon. Have a lovely day! :) XX

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