April 9, 2015

Hi guys! I had quite a productive day today, I did some brunching with my family, went on a shopping trip in Breda and ate a pesto salad. So, no my day wasn't really productive although it did sound very promising, didn't it? Haha. I didn't buy anything today, because I just wanted to help my brother find some clothes to wear. He literally doesn't have anything to wear (well, until now).

I was wearing my all-time favorite outfit. A plain, velvet skirt and a cropped sweater from Topshop. My pink coat from Memory Lane and my Romwe platforms. These are just some basic pieces I love to wear on a shopping day. What's your favorite shopping day outfit? XX

PS: SORRY about the awful picture quality, I honestly don't know what was going on with my camera... :'(


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Looove your coat! x



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