May 20, 2015

I've been studying a lot lately, too much for my liking even. But, something I dislike even more than studying, are bad results. My desk has been my best friend these last few days and I can't wait to take a well-deserved break in a few weeks. I've been living on green tea, blueberries, smoothies and water lately. Everything that keeps me awake and focused.

Anyway, I might not be able to go shopping and get some new outfits, but that doesn't mean I can't order some things online. I've been loving midi-skirts lately, they remind me of Paris and they're so classy and feminine. I ordered a midi-skirt online, but since they're not that easy to style, I wanted to collect inspiration so I always know how to combine them. 



  1. I LOVE midi skirts and I love wearing them with crops, especially! Good luck with studying, by the way!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  2. I'm obsessed with midi skirts.
    I feel like most skirts show too much making me feel uncomfortable haha, but these make an outfit so classy! x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com


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