the cutest nails on the block

June 23, 2015

When it comes to painting my nails, I always paint them black or white simply because I don't have any other pretty colors in my nailpolish stash. I remember being obsessed with painting my nails and nail art, but then I turned 16 and I gave all the pretty colors away. The same thing happened to my wardrobe and now it consists of black and white clothing and a couple colorful pieces. But, I told myself it's been boring enough and I got two adorable new nailpolishes from Catrice. These ones are quick drying and really pigmented, plus they last so long! 

The first color I got is a matt pink/nude called 'Little dose of Rose' and it looks so elegant and feminine. I'll probably wear this with a white outfit and some pink accessories. The other color I got is called 'Grey County' and it's an adorable baby blue color. I also kind of got this because of the bottle. Pretty bottles are a weakness of mine, haha.

Catrice // Little Dose of Rose (€2,89) // Grey County (€2,99)


  1. These are way too adorable! While I don't paint my nails often because my nails are absolutely horrendous (can't grow them out too because I'm a musician *sob*), I love seeing pretty nails! These pastel shades are too cute, and it'll be perfect for summer! I love the dusty baby blue colour so much!

    May x | THE MAYDEN

  2. Very nice shades, like them both :)


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