a sad survey story

August 17, 2015


I remember creating a blog survey for my readers a year ago and I was so excited to see the results. I posted the survey on Facebook and I mentioned it on my blog, and that was it. When I opened the survey to see the results, I noticed that only three people had filled out the survey and I had about 300 followers (in total) on my social media accounts and my blog. So, having nearly 1000 followers combined (social media + blog), I thought it was time for a new survey with (hopefully) more replies than last time, haha. 

So, sorry about the drama queen act and let's just get to the point where I ask you to (pretty pretty please) fill out the new survey? (ps: the cat on the photo was supposed to look cute and not angry but I couldn't find a cuter one than this) It takes only one minute and I swear it'll be totally worth it! 

(click here for the survey)
Another thing I wanted to talk about is a Q&A I might be doing sometime soon if you guys want to. :) You can leave your questions in a comment below. (If you have any questions about veganism, blogging in general, my private life,.. it's all welcome!)


  1. Lovely blog! just did your survey x

    1. Thank you! That's so sweet! :) XX

  2. Done! :D Hmm ik kon je layout niet raten om de één of andere reden, dus als er nu een "0" staat ofzo dan was dat echt niet de bedoeling because I love it :)


    1. Oh, dank je! You're too sweet! :P XX


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