the american adventure · part 2

August 21, 2015

Here I am again with my short stories of the things I did in America and I'm hoping you'll get an idea of what is definitely worth visiting in America. If you somehow missed the previous part, you can read it here. Let's get started!

Monument Valley is phenomenal, it's huge and it has certainly left an impression on me. It made me realize how tiny I am compared to nature and how happy humans should be for the ability to live on such a stunning planet. I sound a bit poetic now, but it's true and it's strange to think that we can never see everything the earth has to offer. Some places have never even been discovered by humans, so weird! 

There's so much else to tell about Monument Valley, but I'll try keep it short. We drove through the Park by car which was so much fun and did you know that the Park is property of the Navajo indians? I bought a silver necklace with a feather pendant and the feather is used to protect people and heal them. (The woman in the picture is the one who sold the necklace to me.)

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and just like Monument Valley, it was amazing to see how little we are compared to nature. We had a picnic next to the Grand Canyon and I saw a tree that had been hit by lightning the night before. (You can see the mark it left on the tree somewhere in the middle.)

Next stop is Route 66 with Seligman, Oatman (Donkeys!) and Hackberry. Route 66 always feels like a rollercoaster with amazing landscapes and cute villages. One of my favorite villages in the world is probably Seligman which was the inspiration for the movie Cars. The sign of our hotel was also the inspiration for the sign in the movie, so cool! :)

Sequoia Park (I hope I spelled that right) is another stunning natural phenomenon you have to visit in America. The trees reach to the sky and people look like minions (although Minions are cuter) compared to the trees. I didn't take too many pictures there just because the trees were too tall to fit on my screen, haha!

Yosemite is the last stop for today. We stayed in a hotel close to the Park because there's just so much to see in Yosemite! We saw more adorable chipmunks (I want one so badly but they belong in the parks sooo...) and we hiked past the bridal veil waterfall which something you absolutely have to do when visiting this park. The hike itself is torture but seeing the waterfall is just woah. No words... And that's the end of this part... Next up is San Francisco and LA, so stay tuned and part three will be up on my blog by next Friday!

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  1. Amazing!!! I want to visit US so badly :)


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