Miniver Wine

September 8, 2015

This gorgeous nail polish from & Other Stories just screams autumn/winter and I feel really sophisticated and put together when this color covers my nails. It's called 'Miniver Wine' and it certainly does remind me of a full glass of red wine. I'm not a wine-drinker (or any alcohol for that matter), but I do love a pretty wine red on my nails. As I mentioned before on Instagram, I could totally see me wearing this with a white blouse, black skinny jeans and a nice pair of heeled booties.

I'm the worst at applying nail polish, for some strange reason my hands are too shaky to neatly apply nail varnish. The small brush made it a lot easier to apply it to my nails though, which I'm thankful for. I won't lie, it still looked a bit messy, but after washing my hands a couple times it looked super stunning and I definitely will be wearing this nail polish a lot this autumn.

(I've never written this much about nail polish in my life, what??) Another thing that will be on my favorites-list this autumn is the & Other Stories 'Bonbon tree' body lotion. I have no words for this magical piece of art. (I know I'm making no sense at all right now, just wait until you smell it yourself.) The body lotion smells like an expensive perfume and makes your skin feel all feathery and soft. You might even start petting yourself, I'm not kidding.

I guess you can say that & Other Stories has deserved a place in my beauty-heart and I will be buying more products from their Autumn '15 collection for sure!

nail polish*: 'Miniver Wine' // body lotion*: Bonbon tree

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