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September 3, 2015

I'm not only celebrating three years of Fashionatic today, but I'm also introducing Fashionatic 3.0 to you. Not only did the layout change (more about that later), but I'm giving you everything you asked for in the blog survey (yes, the one you probably saw everywhere). You asked more diy, fashion and personal posts and that's what I'm giving to you. I will also be posting more, hopefully once a day or once every other day. It all depends on what's going on in my life.

I feel like I can finally breathe and say 'this is my blog' and actually be proud of it. It probably sounds weird and crazy, like my friend said the other day: 'her blog is, like, her baby' and then she laughed. But it's true, this is my precious *Gollum's voice* and I wasn't too happy with the previous layout. I could make a list of things that bothered me, but you probably will see the obvious changes in this blog template. I've always loved photography and that's one of the reasons why I started blogging. With this new layout, I wanted bigger pictures, brighter photos and just overall more PHOTO and less white space (although that's also really important if you want to keep your blog clean.)

You probably also noticed that I no longer have GFC, simply because I was bored of the 'blogger-looking-blog', it's just not too professional. Plus, Bloglovin is easier to use and if you don't have a Bloglovin account, you can easily subscribe by email or just follow me on social media to stay updated.

Another obvious change is the Disqus comment-section. I love to reply to your comments, but you never get notified when I reply. Disqus is the perfect solution and I can't wait to chat with you in the comments!

It took me a couple of weeks (or even months) to create this new layout (I had to gather some inspiration and knowledge about HTML and CSS first), but I'm super happy with the way it turned out and I hope you're as ready as I am to jump on this new train! Let's get blogging!

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