not a girly girl

September 10, 2015

I remember the disappointment on my brother's face when I told him that I no longer wanted to play with cars and I prefered playing with Barbie dolls and teddy bears. He didn't want me to become a real girl and wanted me to continue playing with cars and Lego (I still do love me some Lego though, haha). "You're such a girly girl, and girls are gross.", that's what he said.

So, when I bought these pink and purple Essie nail polishes, I could imagine the look on his face if he'd seen me buy this in the cars-versus-dolls stage. Thankfully we've both grown up, but he'd rather want me to play football with him than applying make-up on my face. Some things just never change - haha.

That was a long story for a short title, but let's get straight to the point now. Buying these nail polishes was a mistake, I love them, but when I did some research on Essie after buying them I found out that they are not a cruelty-free brand because they're part of L'oréal. If I could, I would return them and ask my money back. But, sales are non-refundable so I guess I'll just have to use them up and learn my lesson.

A lot of people don't care whether a brand is cruelty-free or not and until three months ago, I didn't even know which brand was cruelty-free and which wasn't. Becoming a vegan did change my view on products and their background.

The nail polishes are pretty great, the colors are super pretty, they dry quickly, the brush makes it easy to apply, BUT  they're not cruelty-free. So please stop testing on animals, Essie, and I will love you forever. *dramatic music*

nail polishes: Essie // left to right: Innocent - Cocktail Bling - Hard To Get

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