cozy & comfy cardigans

October 1, 2015

Taking pictures of yourself in the middle of the road probably looks weird and very narcissistic to some people, but I'm pretty sure every style/fashion blogger can relate. It is pretty awkward. But hey, that's the life of a fashion blogger, haha. Although I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger, because I just wear what I like and 99% of the time my outfits aren't even stylish or blog-worthy.

But as I am a lifestyle blogger, I can't not show you the outfit I like to wear most of the time to uni. Because let's be honest: ain't nobody got time to get dressed like a queen for uni. Haha :) I got the cardigan I'm wearing in Lisbon and it feels like a blanket wrapped around your body. Sooo comfy and cozy! Plus, it also looks really cute and it's soft. Since the cardigan is quite the eye-catcher, I prefer wearing it with some black jeans and a basic shirt. I'm usually also wrapped up in a huge, chunky scarf because I caught a cold (thanks to my brother). What's your comfy outfit? 

Also, excuse the messy hair, it's messy 90% of the time.

 cardigan: Stradivarius // shirt and jeans: h&m // shoes: Doc Martens

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