Zalando Blogger Awards

November 15, 2015

I'm not very good at writing event reports, probably because I tend to forget everything. If I had to thank people at the end of a speech or an award show, I'd probably forget to mention my parents. So, thank god for not making me want to become an actress or singer or a popular blogger for that matter. Although I wouldn't mind reaching more people with my blog. You, my readers, are lovely though! *big, goofy smile*

If I had to describe this event in 5 words, I would probably say: meeting (other bloggers), creating (a fancy adorable clutch that I've mentioned too many times already), inspiration (from the bloggers who won the awards, congrats!), photobooth (I now want one for my birthday) and thankful. I'm thankful for meeting Valérie, who is my favorite lifestyle blogger and I'm so happy I got to meet her! She's so lovely and I we really got along well. She blogs on Moonlit Stories and you can read her event review here (it's way better than mine, haha) Also, I need to thank you guys for voting for me! Have a lovely evening!

(all photos by me, except for the last one)

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