The festive season makeup bag

December 29, 2015

I wrote down a couple New Year's resolutions last year and one of them was 'shrinking my makeup collection'. I don't own a massive amount of beauty/makeup products, but a normal human being doesn't need half as much makeup as I own. Actually, if I was confident enough to turn up at a party wearing no makeup, I probably wouldn't even own a makeup collection. But I'm not confident enough and although I hate going to parties and actually almost never go to any, I do own too many beauty products.

I haven't bought any new products these last couple of months, well apart from the occasional concealer because I use it almost every day (unless I'm not leaving the house, because I can't be bothered with wearing any makeup then). If you have been following my blog for quite a while, you'll most likely recognize some of the products in my makeup bag. These are my makeup bag essentials:

· Catrice Velvet Finish concealer (10) ·
· Too Faced Mascara ·
· Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer ·
· Catrice Nude Eyeshadow palette ·
· Hema Lipstick (13) ·
· MUA Bronzer · 
· Rimmel Lipstick (08) ·

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