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January 31, 2016

During winter time, I always struggle with dry patches and redness on my face and my body. I have got really dry skin, but it's always worse when it's cold outside. So, I've been trying to take extra care of my skin and I wanted to tell you which skincare products are in my skincare bag. I always keep my bag next to my bed so it's almost impossible to forget to take care of my skin. This is what I keep in my skincare bag:


Eos - Lipbalm
Caudalie - Radiance Serum
Lush - Tea Tree Toner Water
Yves Rocher - Cranberry Cooking Mask
Lush - Kalamazoo Facewash

I wrote a skincare post a while ago featuring the products that I use every single day because they prevent breakouts, dry skin and redness and they make my skin feel amazing.


Yves Rocher - Olive Body Lotion & Blackberry Body Lotion
  The Body Shop - Mango Whip Body Lotion
Rituals - Mei Dao Body Lotion

I don't use body lotions that often, but when my skin tends to be really dry, I do like to apply some lotion before I go to bed.

So, this is what's in my makeup bag right now and I know that some of these products aren't cruelty free (e.g. The Body Shop, Yves Rocher, Eos). I don't support companies that test on animals or use animal products in their lotions or creams and I'm not promoting their products in this post. I bought the YR lotions about a year and a half ago and I got the TBS lotion for my birthday a while ago. I'm using up the products, but I won't be buying them again. I would love to know your opinion on brands that aren't cruelty free (yet!).

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