January inspiration

January 22, 2016

'One more exam to go'. That's currently all I can think about. Two more days of revision and I can finally relax, spend some time with my mum and have tea parties with my best friend. I've been studying since the beginning of December and I really need to do something else than learning or I'll go crazy. (I'm already crazy though hahaha)

I made a style/mood board for January and according to my moodboard I'm really into pink and purple at the moment. I guess wearing black can get a bit boring and I love being a girly girl from time to time. Also, how gorgeous are the Stella McCartney shoes? I'm SO in love with them and if I'd be able to buy them I wouldn't have to think twice. They're stunning, the material is faux leather (uhuh they're cruelty free, thanks Stella!) and they would probably last me a lifetime, plus, they make a boring outfit look really stylish.

Anyway, I would love to know what your style board looks like at the moment and if you happen to write a post about it too, please let me know! :) Have a lovely evening!

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