A strange day in Maastricht

February 10, 2016

My parents and I wanted to do something special yesterday and because I wanted to go to the Efteling, but the weather was horrible, we had to change our plans and figure out something else to do or somewhere to go. We decided to visit Maastricht, because we thought that maybe we could do some shopping (I'm always up for some shopping). The weather in Maastricht was a bit better than the Belgian weather, but every single shop was closed. Apparently, the city was celebrating Carnival and we ended up in the middle of a procession. 

I guess these things just happen and although it wasn't really the day we'd planned it out to be, we still had a good time watching the processions and people wearing the funniest and most creative costumes. Plus, we didn't waste as much money as we would've if the shops had been open. I didn't take a lot of pictures because it was raining almost all the time and my camera lens hasn't been working properly these last couple of days so I need to get a new one. *sad face* I hope you enjoyed this story time though and hopefully the shops will be open the next time we're visiting Maastricht, haha! :)

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