Minimal Makeup Bag Basics

April 27, 2016

I clearly remember being (almost) obsessed with makeup, watching YouTube beauty gurus promote the latest products and me wanting to buy every single product because I would finally be cool then, I would be so much happier with that one product that I was missing in my beauty stash. Two years later, my perspective on makeup and beauty products in general has completely changed. I only buy what I need and if I run out of something, I'll just buy a new product that is exactly the same. Not because I'm against change, but because I genuinely like the makeup I'm currently using and I don't see a point in changing it anytime soon.

There really is no need to own thirty mascaras and every shade of foundation of ten different brands. If you like a certain product, then stick with it and don't spend unnecessary money on products you'll never use up. With that being said, I listed up my makeup bag basics that I use on an everyday basis (although I don't wear makeup every day, because I like to give my skin a break now and then).

Catrice camouflage cream (010 Ivory)
Catrice velvet finish concealer (010 Velvet Ivory)
Mua bronzer (shade 3)
Catrice prime and fine powder
Catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette 
(I use the darkest shade for my eyebrows and the lighter ones on my eyelids)
Essence maximum definition mascara

I would love to know what you think about buying lots of makeup you'll never use and makeup gurus who own a room full of makeup (I'm not exaggerating when I say this). Have a lovely evening!

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