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May 7, 2016

I've seen the number of visitors on my blog increasing over the last couple of days, probably because you've been wondering why the hell won't she update? To say I've been incredibly busy would be a lie. I have been busy, but I've also been lacking inspiration for blog posts and I kind of forgot to post something. I've written a couple of blog posts over the last few days though, but they're all still drafts and I'm not sure if I want to publish them because I don't want to make any promises I won't be able to keep. However, I will be publishing some outfit posts if I manage to find the time and if the weather stays the same. Also, can we talk about the awesome weather these past couple of days? It's been so sunny and so amazing! I actually managed to study outside which has been a while since I was last able to do that. Fingers crossed it'll stay sunny! But, I live in Belgium and if there's one thing I'll never trust, it's the weather, haha!

Anyway, for some strange reason I always talk about something else than I actually wanted to talk to you about. I've gathered some inspiration from Weheartit once again to kind of inspire myself for future blog posts and I need a fresh dose of inspo once a month. I also listed my favorite things to do when the sun in shining and I would love to know what you like to do when the weather is amazing! And, if the weather is horrible where you live, let me know what you would do if the weather was better. XX

1. Doing yoga outside in the garden
2. Going for a long run in the woods
3. Making banana nicecream with a lot of maple syrup 
4. Reading a book in the sun
5. Spending casual time with my cute rabbits
6. Going for a bike ride with my family
7. Eating a bowl of fresh fruit

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